Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kesusasteraan Inggeris - Giler Beb

Apa kaitan gambar kat atas tu dengan sastera? Tak de kena-mengena pun. HAHAHA

Baru first week balik kolej, lecturer dah kasi assignment. Yang aku tak sukanyer, group aku yang first present this week. Tapi syukur juga kitorang dapat first. Kenapa?

Kitorang kena buat summary untuk satu novel klasik nie. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. Aku ingat senang la kejenyer. Rupanyer susah. Kalau hang pa sumer baca novel tu, memang mati la korang. Nasib baik aku kena buat chapter 2. Tak perlu aku baca sumer chapter yang belakang-belakang tu. Ekeke. Nie the first three paragraph dari chapter 2 yang aku kena baca tu.

"Mrs. John Dashwood now installed herself mistress of Norland; and her mother and sisters-in-law were degraded to the condition of visitors. As such, however, they were treated by her with quiet civility; and by her husband with as much kindness as he could feel towards any body beyond himself, his wife, and their child. He really pressed them, with some earnestness, to consider Norland as their home; and, as no plan appeared so eligible to Mrs. Dashwood as remaining there till she could accommodate herself with a house in the neighbourhood, his invitation was accepted.

A continuance in a place where everything reminded her of former delight, was exactly what suited her mind. In seasons of cheerfulness, no temper could be more cheerful than hers, or possess, in a greater degree, that sanguine expectation of happiness which is happiness itself. But in sorrow she must be equally carried away by her fancy, and as far beyond consolation as in pleasure she was beyond alloy.

Mrs. John Dashwood did not at all approve of what her husband intended to do for his sisters. To take three thousand pounds from the fortune of their dear little boy, would be impoverishing him to the most dreadful degree. She begged him to think again on the subject. How could he answer it to himself to rob his child, and his only child too, of so large a sum? And what possible claim could the Miss Dashwoods, who were related to him only by half blood, which she considered as no relationship at all, have on his generosity to so large an amount? It was very well known that no affection was ever supposed to exist between the children of any man by different marriages; and why was he to ruin himself, and their poor little Harry, by giving away all his money to his half sisters?"

Kalo korang tak paham menda nie, maksudnyer satu buku tu pun korang tak leh nak baca. Ini baru 3 perenggan, belum lagi next perenggan. Mampus aku mengadap buku nie, baca 10 kali.

Citer dia menarik cuma kalo kita baca novel asal memang kita tak kan paham. Nasib baik ada Wikipedia. Kalo tak memang tak tau apa menda yang dia cakap.

Aku tak pernah suka sastera. Bahasa Melayu ke, Bahasa Inggeris ke, aku tak minat. Novel tu sumer susah benar nak abis baca. Yang nie baru chapter 2 aku dah give up. Tak tahan beb. Orang giler mana la buat ayat berbunga bangang nie. Padahal citer dia simple jer. Ingat sumer orang bule berfikir ke. Tak de masa la aku. Baik aku baca tafsir Al-Quran atau Al-Mathurah, lagi bagus.

Nie pun tak kompem lagi hari nak present tu biler. Hari Isnin ke, hari Rabu.

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