Monday, February 28, 2011

Akoo dan student.

Akoo: Anything else you want to ask?
Student: Teacher, your Facebook, your Friendster, your Myspace, your Tagged, your email address please.
Akoo: You just type
Student: aiyaaa


Akoo: What else can you find in a city?
Student: Toilet, teacher!
Akoo: Apa beza toilet di kampung dan di bandar?
Student: Bandar punyer yang duduk tu, cikgu.
Akoo: Rumah kampung saya ada jer tandas duduk tu. Kamu nak panggil apa tu?
Student: Aaarr ...
Akoo: Okay la, bagitau saya, bangunan mana kat dalam city tak de toilet?
Student: ...

The conversation ended just like that.


(was teaching articles)

Akoo: Okay, give me other examples for using 'a'.
Student: A Charmander, teacher!
Akoo: (peminat Pokemon) Aaaa yes! A Charmander! (tulis kat whiteboard)
Student lain: Aaa???
Akoo: We can also write 'A Pikachu' and 'A Bulbasur'!
Student yg minat Pokemon: Yay!
Student yg tak berapa pasti: (terpinga-pinga)

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