Thursday, November 27, 2014

Surat Cinta Melayang BuatMu 3

Ingat tak pembantu kedai yang ikut Cik Iman kat belakang setiap kali Cik Iman tengok-tengok kedai diorang? Tadi Cik Iman bawak Iman Jr dengan adik Cik Iman gi sana nak gi barang sambil test tengok pembantu tu ikut kitorang tak. Memang betul dia ikut kitorang. Dari belakang kedai sampai ke tingkat 2 kedai dia ikut. Cis. Panas sungguh hati Cik Iman nie. Terus kasi komplen kat web diorang. Cik Iman guna bahasa Inggeris sebab kalau Cik Iman bahasa Melayu, Cik Iman banyak mencarut. So guna bahasa Inggeris sopan sikit ekekeke

Ini dia surat cinta yang Cik Iman tulis untuk kedai tu:
"This is more to complaining than actually enquiring anything from you. I wish your staff would stop following me every time I look around at your shop. I came to your shop quite a few times and the same staff keep following my back as if I want to steal stuff. As a matter of fact, I recently brought with me my daughter and sister and still this staff followed us around. It's annoying. We know it's your shop and you can do whatever you want, but it's scaring off customers.  
We want to buy stuff and of course we look around for awhile. Do we look like we're gonna steal anything? Maybe you think we can hide stuff under our tudung labuh. I'd admit, I would hide things in my tudung labuh but definitely not breast pumps, baby bottles and more. I'm sorry if someone did steal anything from your shop but it is still not the right way to avoid people stealing stuff. 
You're lucky I still want to come back. I know me not shopping in your shop won't affect your income but if you do this to all of your customers, don't ask why you're not doing as well as the other shops (will not mention which shop but you know which ones I'm talking about) 
All I'm saying is you can do whatever you want to make your items safe but please don't make it so obvious. I felt like slapping your staff immediately when I see them exactly 10 seconds behind my back after I walked into the shop. Seriously? I paid for everything and for my next visit, you still do this to me. You should have recognized me by now but of course no one should trust customers, right?"
Pedulik apa Cik Iman. Orang bayar kot. Mana ada curik apa-apa atau sembunyikan barang dalam tudung Cik Iman. Tension tol. Nasib baik tak kena lempang pembantu kedai tu. Agak-agak dengan manager-manager sekali kena.


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